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Saturday, October 10, 2009

So what's going on in here?

Hello everyone.

It has been a while since I have felt the muse. With settling into the new fall routine of kids activities and my general malaise as the weather turns in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I just haven't had much to say with regards to fantasy roleplaying games.

However, something has happened to prompt me to make a new post. One of the original reasons for this blog was to document my attempts to find a new playing group. To that end, I have had postings up at various local gaming stores advertising my attempt to get a new "old school" group together. These postings have had an impact as a number of people contacted me over the past ~9 months. This has culminated in a group of people sitting around my basement this past wednesday evening generating characters. I have previously played with two of the players but three others were newcomers.

The ruleset we are using is 2nd edition AD&D. We went with this as most of the players had a preference for it because it is the system with which they have the most exposure. While it is not my favourite B/X, I still don't mind 2nd Edition.


  1. > This has culminated in a group of people sitting around my basement this past wednesday evening generating characters.

    Awesomesauce! Congratulations.

  2. Wow! I'm just glad you're still alive! : )

    2nd Edition? Um...no comment, Mr. B/X DM...

  3. Great! I also continue to use 2E....easy to pick up for almost any D&D vet from 1E to 3E, and enough ability to change it to meet whatever expectations you have. Very adaptable and easy to use. Good Luck with the group!

  4. Great to hear you got a group that way. I put up some notes in game stores and the only thing that happened was that the tear-offs I'd made got torn off and I didn't get a group. :(

  5. I have replaced the posters a number of times because all of the tear-off tags had been taken. There are likely 40-some tags out there with my email address and I got 5 players (there were 6 but one had to back out) so the hit rate isn't great.

  6. I would have offered myself up (of course, I would need to dust off my gaming resume) but October, November and December are now write-offs.

    If i'm lucky, you'll have a spare seat in January.

  7. Just let me know when your schedule clears.


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