"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Small Greyhawk

Quick campaign idea
Using World of Greyhawk box set with the following changes:

  • Hexes are 6 miles instead of 30 miles
  • Castle of the Mad Archmage is the tent pole, can roll in other classic greyhawk models (Giants, Slavers, Tharizdun, etc)
  • Populate hexes with classic modules (TSR, Judges Guild, Necromancer, Kuntz, Mythmere etc) and Dyson’s maps/adventures
  • Doomstones with orcs from Iuz and gems leading to Elemental Evil (using Elemental Princes instead of Zuggtmoy)
  • The kingdoms marked on the map are kingdoms in name only. Each marked location, except for the City of Greyhawk, is either a village or a castle as per the rules regarding establishing a stronghold (use Judges Guild Villages and/or Castles books and some of Dyson’s maps [other Wilderland cities; Rauxes = CSWE]). Some may have swore allegiance to another castle (thus the “kingdoms”)
  • Populations are cut by a factor of 10
  • Religion:
    • Generally, the central area is dominated by the Church of Law with numerous venerated saints (faux catholic, St. Cuthbert) or the Old Faith (druids)
    • eastern barbarians - Odin, Thor, et al.
    • West - babylonian
    • Chaotic - deviltry & old ones
    • Others from Deities & Demigods are also available
  • Starting in the City of Greyhawk - Use CSIO
  • Put Dyson’s Jakalla maps under the city. With connection to Castle of the Mad Archmage