"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Small Greyhawk

Quick campaign idea
Using World of Greyhawk box set with the following changes:

  • Hexes are 6 miles instead of 30 miles
  • Castle of the Mad Archmage is the tent pole, can roll in other classic greyhawk models (Giants, Slavers, Tharizdun, etc)
  • Populate hexes with classic modules (TSR, Judges Guild, Necromancer, Kuntz, Mythmere etc) and Dyson’s maps/adventures
  • Doomstones with orcs from Iuz and gems leading to Elemental Evil (using Elemental Princes instead of Zuggtmoy)
  • The kingdoms marked on the map are kingdoms in name only. Each marked location, except for the City of Greyhawk, is either a village or a castle as per the rules regarding establishing a stronghold (use Judges Guild Villages and/or Castles books and some of Dyson’s maps [other Wilderland cities; Rauxes = CSWE]). Some may have swore allegiance to another castle (thus the “kingdoms”)
  • Populations are cut by a factor of 10
  • Religion:
    • Generally, the central area is dominated by the Church of Law with numerous venerated saints (faux catholic, St. Cuthbert) or the Old Faith (druids)
    • eastern barbarians - Odin, Thor, et al.
    • West - babylonian
    • Chaotic - deviltry & old ones
    • Others from Deities & Demigods are also available
  • Starting in the City of Greyhawk - Use CSIO
  • Put Dyson’s Jakalla maps under the city. With connection to Castle of the Mad Archmage

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hex Stocking Density

For interest sake I pulled out one of my copies of Isle of Dread. For most, it is the benchmark for hex-crawling modules. I wanted to approximate the ratio of hexes-to-encounters. Using the methodology mentioned in my last post there is a 1-in-3 chance of a hex having a monster for a hexes-to-encounter ratio of 3:1 which gives me approximately 133 monster encounters in my 400 hexes.

Just eyeballing the number of hexes on the island, I would guesstimate that there are approximately 400 hexes (has anyone actually counted them? I am far too lazy). Using the numbered island map from the module which as 24 encounters and adding 5 for the number of locations on Taboo Island, there are a total of 29 encounters on the island. Let's round up to 30. I am assuming that all numbered encounters on the map are with monsters which may not be correct. I took a quick look and didn't see any exceptions but I could be wrong. This gives a ratio of 13 hexes to 1 encounter.

My hexes are far more densely populated with monsters than those on the iconic island.  I'm okay with this. One reason I am okay with a higher number of encounters on my map is that it is for an open, exploration focused game in the West Marches style. I want the PCs to go out into the wilderness and find stuff. Also, the there is an explicit social contract that characters will try to return to town at the end of a gaming session so the quicker implied consumption of resources that will result from more encounter will not be an issue.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wilderness Hex Stocking

I am currently stocking a wilderness hex map. It is 20 hexes by 20 hexes numbered 0 to 19 in each direction.

I have mentioned in the past that I stock wilderness hexes in the same manner as I stock dungeon rooms. Each hex is treated as a "room" and I roll on the table in section E "Stock the Dungeon" on page B52.

Instead of rolling 400 d6's I set up a simple random number generator in each cell of a 20 by 20 cell spreadsheet in excel with a vlookup function that referred to a table that matched the one on page B52.

Below are the very high level contents of my 400 hexes:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

B/X Cover-to-Cover - pages B6 and B7

Quick thoughts while I read pages B6 & B7:

  • "To choose a class, a player should first look for his or her highest ability scores." - Moldvay was a rabid power gamer ;)  As an aside I always loved playing clumsy thieves, sickly fighters, clerics that are lacking common sense, etc. It is funny how often these "sub-par" characters can sometimes last in a campaign.
  • Strength, Intelligence, et al are called "ability" scores instead of attribute scores, stats, etc. The word "ability" is also used throughout the descriptions.
"Strength" is a measure of muscle power and the ability to use that power.
 "Intelligence" is the ability to learn and remember knowledge, and the ability to solve problems. 
  • I noticed a number of times in the descriptions terms (or closely related terms) that become "skills" in later editions - balance, endurance, intuition, knowledge, etc.
  • Ability Score Adjustments - "This adjustment shows that a character may practice hard and learn how to fight or reason well..." I always new the option for the 2-for-1 swap but I don't remember ever reading this sentence before. As such I find it somewhat perplexing that Constitution cannot be raised or lowered.
  • A very short description about Hit Points and what they are. No talk about them being part luck or divine favour such as found in the 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide.
  • Surprise, surprise... I love the standardized -3/+3 ability score bonuses.
  • "Maximum Number of Retainers" - at one time or over the life of a character?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

B/X Cover to Cover - B5

A short post...

Thoughts while I read page B4 - How to Create a Player Character:

  • A nice clear and concise step-by-step guide to making a character.
  • I always used blank sheets instead of a Dungeons & Dragons Character Record Sheet. I do not think I ever saw that product for sale in a store back in the day.
  • "2. Roll 3d6 (for a result of 3-18) for each ability..." - it doesn't say anything about in order. I presume that someone could say prior to each roll which of the abilities that roll would be for.
  • "4. ... Magic-users and elves should choose one spell..." - the first hint of my strict reading of how magic-user and elf spell books work.
  • For years I modelled my character sheets after the one used for Borg the Fighter.
  • Not too sure why they felt the need to include an even more condensed 7 step version.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

B/X on Google+?

What are the main Google+ communities for a B/X fan such as myself?

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Underground Con proposal

The call for GM's has gone out for Underground Con. After some thought I decided to straight-up steal two ideas from Delta's D&D Hotspot. The games I have volunteered to DM are:

1. Corsairs of the Realm
The King of the Realm has quietly declared hostilities on the allied free cities of Greyhawk and Hardby, signing Letters of Course authorizing privateers to hunt and capture their shipping. The hostilities only last for a single sailing season; 16 weeks. If you set forth and capture three merchant vessels for the King of the Realm over the course of a 16-week sailing season, you will be proclaimed Barons of the Realm. However, the seas are dangerous as you must not only watch out for vessels from Greyhawk and Hardby patrolling the seas but also the legendary Kraken is rumoured to haunt the deeps…

A naval game using the 1981 Basic and Expert Dungeons & Dragons rules. It will involve three levels of action: (1) the strategic campaign level (which coast to prowl), (2) the tactical ship-to-ship level, and (3) the man-to-man combat level. Note that the names of Greyhawk and Hardby are just used for fun and do not represent the same cities portrayed in the Greyhawk Campaign Setting. 

2. The Northern Marches
The King of the Realm has declared that anyone who explores the Northern Marches and returns to the town of New Hareth with enough treasure to construct a keep (100,000 gp) to protect its inhabitants will be proclaimed new Barons of the Realm. Beware, winter is coming. Can you survive the harsh, monster haunted northern wilderlands and return to New Hareth with the treasure before winter comes?

An exploration focused old-school hex crawl using the 1981 Basic and Expert Dungeons & Dragons rules.

If one of those doesn't garner interest, I am considering swapping it out with a Battlestar Galactic game using a hack of The Mountain Witch - getting my new-school on.