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Monday, June 1, 2020

The Broken Lands - The Undertemple of Arkon

As part of our current online campaign, The Broken Lands, I used an adventure called, "The Undertemple of Arkon" from The Dragon Horde Zine #1.

This isn't a review, but just some random thoughts about the adventure. There will be some spoilers below.

  • I would consider this generally to be a fairly vanilla adventure, but was a serviceable piece that fit my need.
  • Some room entries were pretty sparse.
  • There were one or two good "specials".
  • The idea of a huge magical panther being worshipped as a god fit well with the vibe I am going for in the campaign.
  • The magic items were boring, but I usually replace most of them anyway.
  • Some of the wandering monsters don't necessarily make sense. However, coming up with the rationale for them is part of the fun. Note that, for this campaign, I am reskinning the usual humanoid monsters (goblins, orcs, bugbears, etc) using descriptions which I feel are a bit more sword & sorcery (degenerate pygmy-race, large slavering beast-men, etc)
  • I felt the map was pretty good. It had variety in room shapes and sizes, loops of various sizes, and dead-ends (in which the party had an uncanny knack for getting trapped). However, I needed to do a better job of utilizing the loops. Also, there is an "old-school mapper" in the group. Using his map they were able to make educated guesses as to locations of secret rooms.

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