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Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I've been thinking about

1. Adding tactical combat aspects to Barbarians of Lemuria or B/X by hacking Melee. Sometimes I like to get the minis out. I have been playing 4E to get my tactical mini fix but I have pretty much lost any interest in 4E. Plus you gotta love Melee's use of hexes.

2. Giving the Mythic GM Emulator a try with either Barbarians of Lemuria or B/X. This is after reading a very interesting and well written play report of a solo (I believe) campaign using Mythic and FATE in an alternate Dragonlance campaign over at the Big Purple.

3. The forums over at Red Box Calgary have picked up a bit during the last couple of weeks. I have been very negligent about Red Box Calgary the last few months as I have been getting acclimated to my new job, coaching both of my kids in different sports, and taking some summer vacations. Hopefully, we can get some B/X gaming going down at the Sentry Box again soon.

4. Crap! I missed Scott Driver's call for players for a PBP game. I really enjoyed Mr. Driver's Thool PBP game.

5. Barbarians of the Black. Using the Barbarians of Lemuria engine for a Firefly campaign.

6. Megadungeons. I have been getting the itch to create my own megadungeon. I may post some thoughts later.


  1. If I ever have another slot open in this or any other PBP, you know you're always welcome.

  2. Definitely check out the Mythic Yahoo group. There are a couple of posters who are just nuts for B/X and Keep on the Borderlands. I've also documented a bunch of Mythic GME games (Risus, not B/X) over at the Risus Monkey.

  3. I will definitely check out the yahoo group. I have been enjoying reading your RISUS/Mythic posts.

  4. I once converted Melee to Microlite20. Check the "Optional Combat and Movement Rules" section. It should be pretty easy to use with B/X, despite the d20-isms. My goal was to eliminate minis, but that's easy to ignore.

  5. I love Melee. I love BoL. Sweet idea.