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Friday, September 24, 2010

B/X Monsters - White Ape

White apes are one of my favourite monsters. They illicit a strong sword & sorcery vibe. If I make up the tower of a decadent wizard, odds are that I included a white ape inside as a guard. White apes are tough (HD 4) and quick (move 120') but they are fairly easy to hit (AC 6) and don't cause too much damage with their two attacks (1-4 each). They also have ranged attack - they may throw stones for 1d6 damage.

Another reason why I like them is that they are associated with Neanderthals which I also really like for their S&S vibe.

1 comment:

  1. I like the fact that they're territorial, they will attack but only if you go moping around their lairs (or have been trained to attack adventurers by evil sorcerers).

    A single white ape featured in the very first adventure I ever wrote - and yup, he was the trained body guard of the big-bad sorcerer at the top of the tower. Pretty scary for a bunch of first-levellers.

    I don't remember the sorcerer's name but the ape was Fergus. Not sure why...