"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Red Box Calgary

I have been ridiculously busy with work the last while, however, I have recently been in contact with K-Slacker from Tempora Mutantur and Paladin from A Paladin in Citadel about scheduling an old school game. K-Slacker suggested that each of us run a one-shot for fun and then we can decide where to go to from there.

We are using the forums over at Red Box Calgary to discuss and schedule something and also to hopefully get some more interest.


  1. Right on! Once again I envy my Northern Neighbors and their long, indoor winter!

  2. I have been remiss on making my way over to the RBC site. I'm still in, whatever the format.