"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The refreshing Thool air

Scott over at Huge Ruined Pile has started to revisit his Thool setting as a side project.

I am looking forward to it as I found his setting to be very imaginative.

Here is a copy of my character sheet for his long-lost play-by-post game. Oh, Ungar... How I miss you.


  1. I can smell those linguospores already.

  2. Haha, does my other stuff suck that badly that everyone wants to see Thool again? ;)

  3. Not at all. I really enjoy Huge Ruined Pile. However, it isn't as focused on weird fantasy as much as Thool was. Different itch…

    I also really dug Mandragora.

  4. No, all the other stuff is great, I'm just a sucker for well-rendered floppy man-boobs.