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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What should I run at Underground Con?

I am going to register for Underground Con and would like to volunteer to run a game or two.

I have a few ideas for games I would like to run but I am not set on anything. I put a poll on the righthand side so that everyone can let me know what you think I should run. Feel free to vote even if you aren't going to go to the con. If you pick "Other" leave a comment below to tell me your idea.

EDIT: Oops, one idea I forgot to add was to run Keep on the Borderlands using 4E.


  1. As usual, I lean towards old-school dungeon crawling.

    I'd like to run a session of Tempora Mutantur at the Con.

  2. There's already a Savage Worlds post-apoc game in the morning and evening sessions, so I think I'll shoot for the afternoon slot. Hopefully that doesn't conflict with the time you're looking for - it would be good if we have a sufficient posse to ensure full tables.

  3. I have registered my session of Tempora Mutantur online:


  4. Just want to say that we at Underground Con approve this message! We're excited about you coming and running games!