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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can anyone tell me about Roll20?

I just saw Roll20 and was wondering if anyone could tell me about it? Have you used it? Is it user-friendly for us non-online savvy people? Give me a SWAT analysis? ;)

I have been thinking about revisiting online gaming and was thinking about trying G+ but then I saw Roll20 and it piqued my interest.


  1. Hadn't heard of it, but it looks cool. I've found that G+ Hangouts works well enough for old school play where you don't need minis/battlemat, just friends sitting around a table...I mean sitting in front of their computers. ;)

  2. Didn't know anything about it until I read this post last night. Now I know everything after playing with it for two hours.

    Integrates with G+, easier to use than rpgtools, drag-n-drop maps, GM fog of war, etc. Probably the way to go, to be honest.