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Monday, April 6, 2009

Northern Marches - Session 3 and a future Open game

We had another session of the Northern Marches. There were three players, all of whom were part of the previous sessions, and myself. Some things of note:
- After running into the wraith on the first level of Castle Hareth, the party decided that the castle might be too dangerous for now.
- They developed a plan to try to capture/kill a known bandit in the area.
- They explored a bit of the surrounding wilderness and began to fill out the common "Table Map", an idea that I stole from Ars Ludi and have seen others use.
- They had an audience with the mayor of a nearby village, see my previous post about Reaction Rolls and my discussion about how I setup and use urban environments.
- The audience with the mayor gave the party enough info to begin to investigate an abandoned mine that might house goblins and bandits.
- Due to the lower number of players, the party didn't have as much muscle and the evening ended with a huge running battle against said goblins and bandits which resulted in some of the PCs severely injured.
- The magic-user proved his worth with a couple of well placed sleep spells

I have also been making arrangements to run sessions of the Northern Marches campaign at a local gaming store. It is important to me to get out and make Northern Marches an "open" game. By open I mean that if someone stops by the store and takes an interest I want to invite them to sit down. This is important to me for three reasons:
1) I want to try to attract new players into my group;
2) I want to do something to support the local gaming shop (we have had a couple of long time gaming stores close down over the past 2 months); and
3) I want to try to give something back to the game that has given me so much enjoyment over the years. By getting out and showing how much fun the old ruleset can be I am hoping to increase exposure of the old school movement.

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  1. Great job, P. Glad to hear the Ars Ludi model is working out for you guys. My enthusiasm is always buoyed when I read about other successful iterations of troupe-style sandbox play.

    Yer megadungeon looks awesome, btw. I may shamelessly rip off a few rooms from you for my own forthcoming attempt.