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Sunday, April 26, 2009

You got your Kingmaker in my Greyhawk

I have mentioned a number of times about using Barbarian Prince for a roleplaying setting or how I am adapting some of the mechanics from the game for my B/X campaign. This got me thinking about other wargames or boardgames that could be used to supplement a D&D campaign. We all know that Avalon Hill's Outdoor Survival was and continues to be used for a map for wilderness exploration. In fact part of it has been adapted into the Northern Marches.

One thought that came to mind was taking the mechanics and cards from Kingmaker and adapting it for a Greyhawk campaign. The game could be set in Furyondy or Keoland and it could focus on political intrigue.

Another thought could be to use Citadel of Blood to develop a wizard's citadel. Or the related Swords & Sorcery game's wilderness map could be used in a similar fashion as Outdoor Survival.

Awhile ago, Jeff Rients mentioned using Divine Right as a campaign setting.
Has anyone else used a boardgame's or wargame's mechanics or map for an unrelated RPG?


  1. We've used kitbashed Warmaster (GW's 10mm mass battle wargaming rules) for D&D battles.

  2. I've used several wargame maps to run impromptu wilderness treks in AD&D. AH's Battle for Italy map makes for a great little sandbox.

    Any chance I get I will play Kingmaker, an absolutely fun boardgame that has enough variety that no two games can ever shape up the same way.

  4. I started to make up a fictional version of Kingmaker with my own new noble, titles, and event cards for a fictional medieval miniatures campaign after reading about a similar campaign on The Miniatures Page. (Here's a link to his Lamoria page: http://www.angelfire.com/mb2/battle_hastings_1066/share/Lamoriatop.jpg).

    I never quite finished the project which is a shame because I think the game plays out in so a good chaotic back and forth as to be a great model of a medieval-era civil war.

    In fact in gameplay terms, I think it would work better as the events laden-backdrop of a RPG than as the head-to-head game it was intended to be. The game just see-sawed back and forth usually until we quit.