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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Other Cool RPG Things

You may have noticed that the section to the right of my blog called "Other Cool RPG Things" has been getting longer and longer. I have been adding a number of free, rules-light games as I encounter them. I have also added The Free RPG Blog to my list of blogs. I mentioned awhile ago that even though B/X is my favorite game, I am more of a fan of rules-light games than old school games. It just turns out that B/X and some of the other "old-school" games are some of the best rules-light games out there IMO. Most of the games in my "Other Cool RPG Things" list are available for free in one form or another (either a quickstart version or an older version). I encourage everyone to check out these and other free rules-light games. And if there are other great free rules-light games let me know. If I like them I will add them to the list.


  1. Thanks Susan.
    I am glad you are enjoying my little corner of the blog-o-verse!

  2. Rules lite is my fave, too. B/X D&D (for example) let me play without worrying with rules; any "rules" could mostly be made up as needed and "forgotten" when no longer needed.

    I haven't seen or played a lot of other avdentures (my tastes are narrow so most don't interest me) so I'm not bashing other games, just stating my on interests: early TSR modules were almost all about the adventure, with the rules there as a little more than a way to facilitate making and playing them. The adventures could be quickly taken and modified for almost anything.

    What some people need to do for their custom rules-lite games is offer some pre-made adventures. That would show how the rules allow a lot of creativity and imagination.