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Sunday, June 7, 2009

TSR's Top Five Basic D&D Modules

There is another top five list over at the Dwarf and the Basilisk about his top five "basic" (but actually classic) D&D modules.

Here are my top 5 TSR Basic Modules:

5. Horror on the Hill - A great meat and potatoes adventure and it has a dragon - that is awesome!

4. Veiled Society - My first urban adventure. This and X3 became by baseline for developing urban adventures.

3. Keep on the Borderlands - My first module. A great illustration of a micro-sandbox.

2. Night's Dark Terror - A great sword & sorcery feel with lost races and unknown horrors.

1. Lost City - Also has a great S&S feel. Lost City is a great example of showing a young DM how to do things. It gives some great ideas and fleshes out some of the levels but leaves a lot of stuff up to the DM and gives lots of areas to develop.


  1. Don't know anything about #s 5 and 2, but the others: most definitely. :)

    Good stuff.

  2. Ditto TS...the Veiled Society is interesting in that it deals with civic leaders (whom one might expect to be at least Name level), but it is for Basic characters (levels 1-3).

  3. I posted my top 5 over at Dwarf and the Basilisk. I went with:

    5. B4: The Lost City
    4. B7: Rahasia
    3. B5: Horror on Hill
    2. B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
    1. B10: Night’s Dark Terror

    I would given honorable mention to M1: Blizzard Pass, B1: Search of the Unknown. If we are to add Expert adventures in I would want to include X2: Castle Amber, and X4: Master of the Desert Nomads. Honorable mentions to HWA1: Nightwail, X1: Isle of Dread, X3: Curse of Xanathon, and X11: Saga of the Shadow Lord.

    I do not include B2: Caves of Chaos on my list which is on many peoples lists. I started my first campaign with B3 and B1 and only ran B2 sometime later as a one-shot. It does not have the same nostalgia for me. I always thought the incredible diversity of humanoids in the caves was forced. I also never cared for B6: The Veiled Society although I could appreciate its novel approach to an adventure. It just was not the kind of adventure I could use with my early gaming group.


  4. I love all he adventures on this list, but I never got into The Lost City as much as a lot of other people seem to have. Loved Horror on the Hill—because it really did have a Dungeon AND a Dragon! In a low level adventure, even! Good stuff.