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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ahhh, youth

I played at the local meetup today. I volunteered to run another 4E game but the facilities ended up being really crowded and there wasn't room for all of the tables due to a Magic tournament. So I volunteered to skip running a game and play instead. This freed up some space in the room but the tables ended up being more crowded.

I played a 1st level fighter in a Living Forgotten Realms scenario. I had fun - the DM was great and the scenario was actually pretty good.

However, the table next to us really caught my attention. It was a table made up entirely of early/mid teens. They were playing 3.5 which I have very little interest in but they were having a GREAT time. They were animated and excited. One was standing on his chair showing how his character was doing something and another was shouting when his character was shouting his vow of vengeance on some foe or another. It was great to see and it made me want to join them - even if I don't like the ruleset.


  1. If we're talking The Sentry Box, it was a zoo today. Where was everyone last week!

  2. Hey Paladin,
    Which table were you at? I just checked out your blog - nice!
    We should get a game going some time.

  3. No table. Showed up around 1 pm, with a buddy, and my son in tow. The gaming room in back was full, as was every other table. The store till was busy for the hour and 1/2 we were there.

    I ended up picking up new version of Dragon Warriors RPG, my son grabbed some Yu-Gi-Oh cards, my buddy picked up the new GW Space Hulk.

    I'd love to get another retro game going, currently got one going with some friends and relations. No idea what sort of traction could be achieved with an OS game, although the Sentry Box Staff seem to sense something in the wind.

  4. I have tried a number of times to get an old school game (B/X or S&W) going at the meetup. The organizers seem very willing to accommodate if there is interest but so far any actual interest from participants has been tepid.

  5. Is there even a OS cadre in Calgary? Which table were you at?

  6. I was at the middle table in the afterhours room. It was a 4E game.

    There is a bit of an OS crowd. I have had a number of flyers posted at Sentry Box over the past year or so and I have heard from about a dozen people.

    This gives me a bit of an idea though - maybe I should try to arrange a small old-school game day at Sentry Box... I will have to think about that.

  7. Great idea, particularly if it the game day was timed with the release of hard-copy Labyrinth Lord (November?).

  8. Do you know if Sentry Box is getting any LL books for the shelves?

  9. Edward will order some if enough of us ask about them. He's bringing in more copies of Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord, as i've been mentioning it every time I drop by the store.

    Don recently agreed to do a special order of Otherworld minis. As long as they can find a distributor, they will likely carry LL as well.

  10. I just had a post on my blog from Banter, asking about playing in a game (I presume he's thinking some kind of old-school rules, as he mentioned last playing AD&D)

    I'm swamped with work and other commitments until mid-October. Do you think organizing an old-school table some time after mid-October would bear any fruit?

  11. If I manage to get something organized it would easily be later than mid october - likely not until the new year.

  12. The earliest that I could DM would be Oct 24. After that, too busy in November to DM, not available again until Dec 12.

    I was thinking more like shared DM duties, between several people, in a sandbox environment, using S&W or LL.

    A new year start-up is okay for me as well, perhaps I should be emailing you.