"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Desperate Nobles

The PCs are all connected in one way or another to a noble house - either family members, trusted advisors, generals, etc.

All of the noble families are in attendance at the King's Palace - Castle Wisteria - for summer court. There are six major noble families:
- House Kimbertos (the King's house)
- House Van de Kamp
- House Scavo
- House Mayer
- House Solis
- And the PC's house

The following events take place during the first 36 hours of summer court:
1. The Queen commits suicide
2. Rel Van de Kamp (the head of the house) is poisoned - he may or may not survive
3. The Scavo residence in the capital city burns down
4. Bishop Kaul, a son of the King, is seen late at night digging in the church's graveyard
5. Lady Solis is seen leaving the stables with straw in her hair followed shortly by a young stablehand.

Now turn the PCs loose!


  1. Good grief, the players are going to be wondering which way to turn and checking their sheets at night for asps.

  2. You forgot that Lady Mayer and her young daughter have seemingly been abandonded by her notorious rake of a husband.

    Could his absence be connected to that of the Merry Young Widow Britt?

    Zounds! What nefarious plot has Lord Kal gotten himself into now! Whatever shall the Lady Mayer do, what with all her plumbing problems and all?

  3. Yeah but that isn't an event that happens at summer court ;)

  4. Cue John Leovitz voice: Tales of Ribaldry!

  5. There is profit, wicked yea, but palpable profit in the indiscretions of men high and low. But even in the business of Kings your shoes and gloves may be fouled.