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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cal-Con and International Traditional Gaming Week

The local gaming convention, Cal-Con, is held during the final weekend (March 26th-28th) of International Traditional Gaming Week. Last year was the first time I had ever been to a con and I had a great time.

I have been pondering what I am going to run at the con this year and I decided that I am specifically going to run two separate things:

1. I am going to run two sessions of either A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity or S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth using Labyrinth Lord and the new Advanced Edition Companion. Which do you think I should run and why?
EDIT: I am also still considering running Stonehell with the base Labyrinth Lord rules.


2. I am going to run two sessions of Keep on the Borderlands using 4E.

I am also a herald-level DM so I will likely get roped into running some RPGA stuff as well.


  1. Lost Caverns. Because it has old-school cred and is by the master.

    I was checking out the gaming schedule for Calcon. I would love to run a Magic Realm session, but (a) don't know who to talk to about setting it up and (b) don't know that there would be any gamer interest.

  2. RE (a)
    There are email links to all of the gaming related contacts about half way down this page:


  3. An email has been despatched.

    I'm guessing Tomb of Horrors was not on you list of potential adventures.

  4. @APiC
    No, I never really considered ToH. I wanted to give the players a chance :)

  5. Give players a chance? I though the point of one-shots was to see how quickly you could get to the TPK!

  6. I'd go with A1, simply because it is shorter (hell, it's already got a design for tournament play). I don't think it has any less "Old School Cred" than S4. Give the players a chance to finish the thing!
    : )

  7. I revised A1 (for quicker pace) in a session with my players, and everybody had fun with the quirks of the setting. Lots of ways for each class to shine.

  8. Gots good memories of all these modules.