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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion

I don't do reviews. My taste is likely different than yours. My likes and dislikes are often emotionally based instead of determined by analysis and careful thought. I also don't want to deal with whatever legal hassles the U.S. government may decide to impart on me.

But I will tell you what I think about it...

I received the art-less pdf copy of the AEC for being a member of the Labyrinth Lord Society. I liked it so much I ordered the hardcover from Lulu even with the shipping costs. As mentioned in actual reviews, it does a fantastic job of recreating the way my group of friends played "advanced" Dungeons & Dragons when we moved on from B/X.


  1. Legal hassles imparted by the US government??

  2. A facetious comment about the FTC's guidelines regarding blog endorsements.


  3. yep, AEC looks to be good stuff.

    i went soft cover myself ;)

  4. I hear rumors that it will be distributed to FLGS. If so, I may wait for it to appear at TSB.

    I'm definitely purchasing this, though I wonder what use I will make of it: i'm no fan of the specialist classes.

    I gather there is other stuff in the AEC to commend itself?