"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aloles, Medium of the Copper Bonds

Name: Aloles, Medium of the Copper Bonds
Sex: Male
Class: Magic-user
Level [1]
XP [0] [+10%]
XP required for next level [2,500]
Alignment Chaotic

STR [9]
INT [17] (reads & writes common, chaotic, goblin & medusa; +10% XP)
WIS [11]
DEX [8] (-1 missile fire; +1 AC penalty; -1 initiative)
CON [13] (+1 hp/HD)
CHR [5] (+1 reactions; Max. # Retainers 2; Retainer Morale 5)

[10 yikes] AC (none)
[2] HP (1d4 hit dice; +1 Con)
Move 120/40/120 ft

Saving Throws
[13] Death Ray or Poison
[14] Magic Wands
[13] Paralysis or Turn to Stone
[16] Dragon Breath
[15] Rod, Staff, or Spell

Class Abilities:
Spells (1st - Floating Disk)

Encumbrance [174]
Coins PP GP 84 EP SP CP

Dagger (10 cn)


Gear (80 cn):
Backpack (holds 400 cn)
6 flasks of oil
50' rope

Other Treasure:

Descriptors: untrained performer

Motivations: seek lust, oppress literature, plunder the populous

(Descriptors and motivations are from Conjecture Games' UNE the universal NPC emulator)

Wow, Aloles sounds like quite the guy. For someone who will really need retainers, Aloles will have a heck of a time hiring them and keeping them around.


  1. Can you have an AC of 10? Even with the lousy Dex? The 'To Hit' charts don't have a column for AC 10; it doesn't exist. Cursed armor defaults to AC 9. I think AC9 is as bad as it gets.

  2. Wow, and Floating Disk is his spell! Awesome! I'd love to play this guy, if just to piss off the one guy in my group who loves power gaming any system as far as it could go!

  3. @ GSV - I was wondering that as well when I was making the character. I honestly don't know if there is an official rule about the max AC (not that I could find).

    However, in looking at the minimum AC, the to-hit table in the expert rulebook has the lowest AC of -3. The best magical armour in the treasure tables is +3 plate and +3 shield (AC -4). So the lowest AC is beyond the end of the table so I decided that it would be fine to go higher than the other side of the table.

    @ LG - I randomly determined his spell. I guess it is for carrying all of his loot from plundering the populous.

  4. Also, if a fighter with a low dex was wearing cursed (AC 9) armour, I would still add the AC penalty for the low dex on top of that as well.