"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brother Dunnbelly

Just because I felt like making a B/X character...

Name: Brother Dunnbelly, Child of the Abundant Shrine
Sex: Male
Class: Cleric
Level [1]
XP [0] [+10%]
XP required for next level [1,500]
Alignment Lawful

STR [12]
INT [12] (reads & writes common & lawful)
WIS [16] (+2 on magic-based saving throws; +10% XP)
DEX [11]
CON [10]
CHR [15] (+1 reactions; Max. # Retainers: 5; Retainer Morale 8)

[2] AC (platemail, shield)
[3] HP (1d6 hit dice)
Move 60/20/60 ft

Saving Throws
[11] Death Ray or Poison
[12] Magic Wands
[14] Paralysis or Turn to Stone
[16] Dragon Breath
[15] Rod, Staff, or Spell

Class Abilities:
Turn Undead (skeleton 7; zombie 9; ghoul 11)
Cleric spells (at 2nd level)

Encumbrance [714]
Coins PP GP 4 EP SP CP

Mace (30 cn)

Platemail (500 cn)
Shield (100 cn)

Gear (80 cn):
Holy symbol
Backpack (holds 400 cn)
Wineskin and quart of wine
6 Torches
1 week standard rations

Other Treasure:

Descriptors: destitute pioneer

Motivations: record disbelief; attend greed; refine communications

(Descriptors and motivations are from Conjecture Games' UNE the universal NPC emulator)

From the motivations, I think that Brother Dunnbelly is a poor traveller wandering the Borderlands collecting oral stories and myths. He is hoping to publish a collective work that will make him rich and famous. All for the benefit of the Abundant Shrine of course...


  1. "Just because I felt like making a B/X character."

    I made eight new B/X characters as pre-gens for Death-Frost-Doom rather than re-cycle old ones...just because. And it was both fun and a snap.

    ; )