"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Barrel Full of Used Swords

While looking around in the Trading Post, the fighter sees a barrel in the corner with many hilts protruding from the top.

Random Sword Table (1d20):

1. Silver crossguard decorated with a goat-horned skull.
2. Pommel is a dwarven head.
3. The black blade is curved like a dragon wing.
4. Black quillon looks like bat wings.
5. Grip is wrapped with silver wire.
6. Three deep grooves extend down the blade.
7. Pommel is an unworked lump.
8. Blade and hilt is finely polished but the wrap on the grip is in poor repair.
9. Blade is notched and bent.
10. Pommel is a roaring dragon’s head.
11. The blade is etched with a beautiful female face.
12. The grip is a rich, red wood.
13. Has a very small guard.
14. Blade has a slight green tint.
15. Hilt is black with the grip wrapped in a white leather.
16. Pommel looks like a pearl.
17. Crossguard is made of two slightly cupped hands.
18. Gold colored cross guard with a plain brown grip.
19. Wheel pommel and slightly turned-down bow-tie guard.
20. The gold pommel features a seven-pointed star.


  1. On 2, 10, and 17, are they real or carved?

  2. 21: Tip missing from the blade
    22: Painful vibrations in the hilt when you hit anything
    23: Badly balanced
    24: Pommel is a claw, what it clutched is long gone
    25: Guard, hilt, and pommel made of deer antler
    26: Holes along the blade ("speed holes!") make a whistling sound when swung
    27: Hilt obviously was gem-encrusted, now all missing
    28: Pommel had a hidden spring-blade, now broken and missing
    29: Pommel shaped like a barrel with tiny swords sticking out of it
    30: Hilt shaped like lots of other swords sticking out, makes it difficult to handle without poking yourself

    You know. Has to be d30.