"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

She-Rama, Veteran Princess

Here is my daughter's character from the weekend. You can tell we just finished watching She-Ra, Princess of Power. Also, note the treasure map she owns. This was the initial hook I used. She was kind of bummed about a really low roll for starting money so I gave her a treasure map that she received from a mysterious old lady. Black Dime instantly became suspicious of the old lady - it's like watching Snow White has had an impact.

Name: She-Rama
Sex: Female
Class: Fighter
Level [1]
XP [0] [+0%]
XP required for next level [2,000]
Alignment Lawful

STR [11]
INT [8] (can write simple common words)
WIS [13] (+1 on magic-based saving throws)
DEX [5] (-2 missile adjustment, +2 AC penalty)
CON [10]
CHR [13] (+1 reactions; Max. # Retainers 5; Retainer Morale 8)

[8] AC (Leather armor and shield, +2 penalty)
[4] HP (1d8 hit dice)
Move 120/40/120 ft

Saving Throws
[12] Death Ray or Poison
[13] Magic Wands
[14] Paralysis or Turn to Stone
[15] Dragon Breath
[16] Rod, Staff, or Spell

Encumbrance [340]
Coins PP 4 GP EP SP CP

Sword (60 cn)

Leather armor (200 cn)

Gear (80 cn):
Backpack (holds 400 cn)
12 torches
Tinder box
Treasure map


  1. This is an awesome character. Is she actually a princess? Was the leather armor a style choice or a matter of low coinage to start?

    Hope they don't run into any troglodytes for awhile!
    ; )

  2. Refreshing to see someone to be more bummed by low starting money than stats that many players I've gamed with would want to reroll!

  3. That's great! My six year old son has a Hobbit character that he named lightning bolt. He is a big fan of the Flash and we just finished reading the Hobbit ;).

  4. And so the cycle of roleplaying continues thru the ages....Game On!