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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

B/X Sword, Science & Sorcery - House Rule #1 Classes

Classes allowed will include:

  • Fighter (as B/X rulebooks with the additional ability of when fighting creatures with less than 1 HD their # of attacks = their level)
  • Thief (as B/X rulebooks)
  • Magic-User (as per the B/X rulebooks. However, their prime requisite changes to wisdom given the willpower and resolve required to master spells and using my strict reading of their spellbooks)
  • Barbarian
  • Scientist
  • First Men
  • Savage
  • and possibly a Mutant class and a Synthetic class which I will post soon.

All characters are human (at least in some derivative form for the mutant and vat-man).

Edit: I had considered using Labyrinth Lord with the Advanced Edition Companion so I could use various types of humans ala the Races of Algol Men but decided to stick with B/X.


  1. One thing I have often wondered with respect to the fighters having multiple attacks rule: wouldn't the rule be more impressive if fighters could have multiple attacks against creatures of 1HD or less? If the rule says less than 1HD it won't work against normal men and orcs, only against goblins, kobolds and giant rats… What do you think?

  2. It definitely would be more impressive if it included 1 HD opponents.

    Actually, in B/X Normal Men have 1/2 HD (1-4 hp) so they would be caught by this rule. And that is why I prefer the < 1 HD version. I want a fighter to be able to wade through normal men (and weaker) but most monsters are scary and fearsome. Orcs aren't just low HD foes for a fighter to buzz through but instead are fearsome beastmen whose whole way of life is based on raiding and killing. To me they should not be included in the fighter's ability.

  3. It's good to see you posting again!