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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Key Principles for B/X Sword, Science & Sorcery

The key principles for the B/X Sword, Science & Sorcery campaign are:
  1. Develop an online, weird science meets sword & planet campaign using my favourite version of D&D plus a some house rules.
  2. Specifically designed to fit into the busy schedule of adults having a flexible schedule. It will follow the same scheduling convention as what was used for the West Marches - there will be no regular time: every session will be scheduled by the players on the fly. It may eventually also include face-to-face play.
  3. Designed as an open game. There is no regular party: each game can have different players. Invite your friends. Ideally, I would like to draw from a large pool of people. This will be enforced by having the players use a tavern in the city as a "homebase" and using Jeff's Triple Secret Random Dungeon Fate Chart of Very Probable Doom if you don't make it back before the end of the session. To support the open game there will be campaign wiki.
  4. The game is an exploration-focused sandbox game set in an ancient, sprawling and decadent city with a maze of catacombs and vaults beneath it and an alien landscape outside the walls that provide for numerous adventure opportunities.
  5. I am a busy guy (and paradoxically quite lazy) therefore I am going to try to make life as easy as possible for myself. The main resources I will use include Vornheim, Towers of Krshal, various published adventure modules (some of which you may recognize), various maps and adventures available online, my archived copy of Scott Driver’s World of Thool blog, the Planet Algol blog and some adventure sites I make up myself. But I will steal shamelessly from anywhere.
  6. The players decide where to go and what to do. It is a sandbox game. No overarching plot, just the overarching environment.
  7. A "beer 'n pretzel" game where fun is the key. Everyone is aware that it is a game and can enjoy as such. This isn't Shakespeare, this is a game of murder-hobo where the players that gather the most treasure win.

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