"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Adventure Hooks for The Broken Lands Session #4

Available Adventure Hooks:

  1. Continue exploring the cellars under the ruined wizard tower.
    • Grith the Sorcerer mentioned a locked door and a monster with many teeth to the northwest. If he would pay for a tooth surely other wizards would as well.
    • What is beyond the Giant Spider?
    • Can you get into the wizard’s tower?
    • There are still a few unexplored passageways.
  2. Emmiss Sladentail has again left word that his patron, the powerful sorceress Alcastra the Fairspoken, is interested in hiring your party to recover an item from the Broken Lands. Emmiss can be found at the Scarlet Moon Inn.
  3. Gallagorgon the Man-Bull, ancient and mighty progeny of the Immortal Omnithrox, desires that there be brought unto him an intact Penanggalan, a ghoul-maid of beauteous aspect and unspeakable thirsts. Those who bring the Man-Bull his prize will be granted an incredible boon -- a full day and night, dawn to next dawn, of unthinkable debauchery within his Pleasure Ziggurat. It is said that a Penanggalan, as well as other unwholesome things, haunt the Crypt of Llatai, though it goes without saying that such details are the sole concern of the boon-seeker. The Man-Bull cares not.
  4. A young bravo has been asking about you, and isn’t afraid to spend a few coins to track you down. His name is Hriseit. He is affiliated with one of the Maze’s street gangs, the Knife Twisters, an ambitious young band of alleybashers and freelance thieves. The Knives are looking to expand their ranks, and will pay hard gold for talented bravos and wizardlings. The gang is led by the self-styled King Korvul.

Other News/Rumours/Things to Think About:

  • A mortally wounded retainer of an adventuring party called the Company Phangasmic, was found at the foot of the Tartarus Road. He was babbling about the Company being slaughtered by a group of bandits wearing gold armour. with his final breath, the retainer told one of the guards of the Black Towers that the Company was waylaid while on their way to investigate the Hive which is to the west of the Dragon’s Teeth in the Broken Lands.
  • An adventuring party was overheard at the Drunken Cockatrice bragging about overcoming a number of grey goblins and claiming vast treasures at the Monastery of the Iron God. They were drunken braggarts so the claims of seeing a massive tentacled brain in a container of glass should not be believed.
  • What exactly is the Blood Egg?


  1. Again, #3! Been stuck at home for five weeks! Just one night in the Pleasure Palace, er, Ziggurat. All hail the Man Bull!

  2. Yeah, they haven't really shown much interest in that one so it might come off the list pretty soon.
    It is actually one of my favourites - I plagiarized that from Scott Driver's World of Thool play-by-post Tunnels and Trolls game way back in the day.