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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Character Advancement

What is "character advancement" to you?

Is it gaining a bonus to your attack roll or more hit points? Maybe gaining the ability to cast 5th level spells?


Is it completing the epic story about the return of the mythical dragons and fighting the war to save civilization?


Is it defeating the marauding orcs, overcoming the ferocious giant, Glogmog the Black, or clearing the Forest of Tears of the vile demons that laired within to keep the residents of your new keep safe and prosperous?


  1. Character advancement is based on feeling.

    If I had *felt* that the character needed more power, and the level-up gave more power, then the level-up was advancement. But if I felt I didn't need power, then the level-up was irrelevant.

    Likewise, if I *feel* the character needs more time in the spotlight, or more time in supporting roles, then character advancement is getting those things.

    If I *feel* the character needs off-screen connections (like a family or a spouse or a castle) then character advancement is getting those things.

    However, giving the character something that I don't really want isn't much of an advancement.

  2. "Character advancement" has kind of been lodged in my mind as a sort of technical term for improvement in context of the game mechanics. All that other stuff, while fun and awesome, I would probably label "character development."

  3. Advancement vs development

    That is interesting. What is more important in a game?

  4. Can I haz all? (;3

    Seriously, I like a little mechanical leveling up mixed with my character changing due to events around him, and things he's done. Not so much epic storyline, but maybe getting his heart broken, finding his father's lost sword, and learning to live with the annoying dwarf who refuses to wash his socks.