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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Current Lulu Cart

I currently have the following items waiting in my shopping cart at lulu.com:

1. Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2
- This is what happens when I watch as much Thundarr the Barbarian as I have over the last couple of weeks.

2. Legends of Steel - Savage Worlds Edition
- A S&S book to go along with all of the other Savage Worlds stuff I bought a while ago? Yes, please!

3. Barbarians of Lemuria (Revised Edition)
- I have heard great things about this one.

4. Knockspell Magazine #2 (perfect bound)

Now I am just waiting on the Fight On! #5 to add to the list.


  1. I will likely add it as I have mentioned in this blog a number of times how much I love random tables!

  2. To quote Mythmere on DF: "type in MAYCONTEST10 as a coupon code when you check out, and you get 10% off."

    Now you've made me want to go order something :P