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Monday, May 25, 2009

Dark Sun One-Shot is Proceeding

A handful of players I know have indicated that they want to participate in the Dark Sun one-shot I am working on. I ultimately decided to use Castles & Crusades as the rule system. I decided this for ease of conversion. I have told my players that I am not going for a 100% accurate mechanical conversion but instead a "thematic" conversion. It will follow a lot of the thoughts I have mentioned here - no psionics, no defiler/preserver classes, etc.

I am keeping a bunch of the races and classes that I would eliminate if it were a B/X game but, once again, not straight conversions.


  1. Keep us posted! I'm very interested in how it plays out.

  2. Another "The Physics of That World" idea - run Dark Sun using Mutant Future or Gamma World.

    Looking forward to hearing how your C&C DS turns out!