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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Setting

Inspired by Snorri's post "Lost Land of Mêm" on OD&D Discussion, I pulled out my Expert rulebook and some dice. I quickly rolled up 4 encounters for each major terrain type as listed on page X75 and whipped up a new campaign setting...

Encounter Table Results:
Grassland - Antelope, Lions, Hill Giants, Stirges
Woods - Black Widow Spiders, Tiger Beetles, Driver Ants, Brigands
Swamp - Adventurers, Wraiths, Ogres, Trader
Mountains - White Dragon, Troglodytes, Merchants, Trolls
Desert - Fire Giant, Giant Hawk, Small Rocs, Ghouls
City 1 - Orcs, Fighters, Traders x 2
City 2 - Acolytes, Wights, Fighters, Nobles
Ocean - Sea Dragon, Hippogriffs, Giant Hawks, Sea Hydras
Jungle - Giant Gekkos, Hippogriffs, Wyverns, Tarantella Spiders
Hills - Hydras, Wyverns, Red Dragons, Hippogriffs

The merchant city of Xulthon sits perched on the Urbe Steppes overlooking the Silver Sea to the north of the city. It is a bustling city, full of traders, merchants, mercenary companies (including some barely accepted orc mercenaries). When looking south from the city walls, the steppes fade away into the distance, the Caravan Road splitting the plain. From time to time you can see the dark shape of the antelope herds crossing the grassland. Lions also make the steppe their home prowling after the herds. As one heads farther south small stands of trees intermittently dot the vast swath of grass but beware as these are often the nesting grounds of stirges.

Passage across the Silver Sea is also dangerous as a large Sea Dragon has its lair in the murky depths. Hippogriffs and Giant Hawks hunt for tuna and small whales but they stay away from the Sea Hydras which also roam the sea.

To the east the steppes eventually begin to rise up to rugged hills. This area is home to Hill Giants who wear ratty, dirty lion pelts and hunt whoever is brave or foolhardy enough to enter their domain. But they also have to have care as the Bonehills are the home to many fearsome beasts - Hydras, Wyverns and Hippogriffs all fiercely protect their hunting grounds and often can be seen riding thermals above the plains. It is rumoured that a mated pair of Red Dragons also lair in the chalky hills but they have not been seen in many a year.

The Bonehills continue to rise up into the Guardian Peaks. Few passes split this rugged fence. The pass where the Caravan Road crosses to the allow merchants to travel to Melaphon, The Haunted City is a dangerous route. A White Dragon makes its home on a high peak above the valley and it often stops caravans seeking tribute for these merchants to cross its domain. There are also rumours of a vicious tribe of troglodytes that follow a family of trolls.

On the other end of the pass the Haunted City of Melaphon squats on the last of the rugged highlands. The area around the city quickly falls away to a dry and dusty plain called the Desert of Alf. Melaphon is a decadent city - nobles and acolytes both too busy with their depraved pursuits to worry about the plight of the slaves which they keep under their thumb with a vast number of temple guards. But don't be caught on the streets at night as the debauched forefathers still prowl the streets as wights.

The Desert of Alf is hot and dusty. The few oases that break up the barren landscape are surrounded by strange ruins through which Ghouls lurk. Careful watch must be kept along the edge of the desert where it butts against the Guardian Range as many Fire Giants reside there. Small Rocs hunt Giant Hawks through hot, wavering air.

To the west of the Urbe Steppes, the dark Creeping Wood is home to the many things from which it gets its name. The dark wood is home to Tiger Beetles, Driver Ants and Giant Black Widow Spiders. Due to its reputation, a band of brigands also make the dark forest its home from which they raid the steppes.

To the south of the forest is the fetid Blackmire. This foul marsh is home to a band of ogres. It is likely that this marsh was not always here as there are a number of sunken ruins which are rumoured to be haunted by Wraiths but to also contain vast treasures. As such there are a number of Adventurers trekking through the swamp and an enterprising Trader has set up a walled roadhouse not far from the marshes edge.

Across the Blackmire is the Emerald Jungle. Under the vast canopy lurk Giant Gekkos and Giant Tarantella Spiders and above the green roof Wyverns hunt.


  1. You may have been inspired by Snorri's Mêm, but this post of yours has me itching to adventure in your "new campaign setting". Brilliant stuff.

  2. Very cool stuff.I may have to try this when I get home today!

  3. Thank you, you and Snorri both have just solved the logjam I had for my Ultima settings overview.