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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cal-Con: A Tale of Two Conventions

Cal-Con, the local gaming convention, was this past weekend. After much deliberation, I finally settled on the old school game I was going to run. I chose to use Spire of Iron and Crystal using Original D&D (the first three books only).A couple of months ago, I was also asked if I could help out with DMing a couple of sessions of a 4E tournament.

I had sent numerous emails to the convention organizers following the request to help with the tournament in order to get more information. However, all of these emails went unanswered until the wednesday before when I received the tournament adventure. I spent the next two evenings reading and prepping the adventure.

I was excited. I had a great time at the convention last year and was really looking forward to going again this year.

Saturday - I was scheduled to run an OD&D session at 9:00am and then help out with the 4E tournament in the afternoon. After arriving early I stopped at the ticket desk I learned that 5 of the 6 tickets for my session had been taken. I then went to the gaming room to stake out a good table. Unfortunately, only one of the five showed up. After chatting with the fellow and trying to wrangle up other players, I talked to one of the RPGA guys and found spots for myself and the other fellow at some 4E Living Forgotten Realms tables. After the 4E game I tracked down the gaming coordinator and discovered that my efforts were not needed for the 4E tournament.

While I had fun playing in the LFR game, I was disappointed with the day.

Sunday - I was scheduled to run an OD&D session. Following my disappointment from the previous day, I had also prepared a character for a Pathfinder Society game that was scheduled during the same slot. After staking out a good table I again waited. This time I was approached by a group of seven people. Some of them had seen me DMing the OD&D session last year and decided that they wanted to play.

I had a great time and they all seemed to really enjoy it. Some well placed spells had them explore most of the first and second levels of the Spire. As time was winding down I had them find their way down to the bottom level and face the BBEG. The party won initiative and got a Fireball and Lightening spell off. Two failed saving throws and the BBEG was down to 1 hit point! However, the next round the BBEG got in his own Fireball spell and half of the party were charred bits. A few rounds later the remaining party members were victorious.

Day two left me much happier than day one.


  1. Glad to hear that the sunday turned it around for you. I had a good time running Magic Realm on friday, but had too many other commitments on the weekend. Would have enjoyed playing a D&D game.

    I'm thinking of showing up at D&D Meet-up this saturday, as karate is cancelled due to it being the holiday weekend.

    Toying with the idea of bringing Magic Realm, along with some OD&D game stuff, in case an extra table and/or interested players for either game are about...

  2. Is there a moral to the story...?
    ; )

  3. I too went to the Cal-con, but only for Friday for the FNM tournament, after asking about the tournament almost two months in advance threw emails I decided to pay for my tickets since I was told there were very few left, and that I was signed up for a Standard Tournament, after getting there on the 26th I found out that it was switched to a sealed tournament and was told it had always been that way, even though I had email correspondence with the people just over a month before, when I got home i sent in a email about my grievances and was told they would not talk to me again since i was "ranting". After that I told a few people including the people who work at The Adventures Guild, not to bother with the Calcon

    By the way, If I was there on Sunday I would have so played some D&D lol just no rats please.

  4. did you know if you have any negative review about the CalCon and post it on the Facebook page it gets deleted?