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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Compound Magic Items

Just for fun I pulled out my copies of Monsters & Treasure and Supplement I: Greyhawk. I had the idea to roll twice on the magic items tables and try to combine the results into a single magic item. Here are three magic items I cam up with:

Armour +1 + Rod of Beguiling =
Armour of Beguiling
This armour subtracts its bonus from the hit dice of the opponents of the wearer. The wearer of this armour is also able to beguile all enemies in a radius of 20' into believing that the wearer is their most trusted friend or respected mentor. Each use takes one charge and the armour has 4 to 24 charges. Beguilement lasts for 4 to 16 turns.

Ring of Contrariness + Scroll Protection from Undead =
Ring of Attracting Undead
When this ring is put on it cannot be removed without a spell to Remove Curse, and the wearer will not wish to remove the ring. It makes the wearer absolutely contrary and he will act in the opposite fashion of normal/requested. Each day the ring has a 2 in 6 chance of attracting undead. Roll on the Undead-Types table from the Wilderness Wandering Monsters table in Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry to determine the type of undead.

Sword +1 + Drums of Deafness =
Thundering Sword +1
This sword will seem to every test to be a normal sword +1. However, each time the attacker rolls a 20 for their attack roll, the sword will cause a peal of thunder which will deafen the wielder of the sword as well as those within a 6" radius, and this deafness will last until Remove Curse spell is cast upon them.


  1. Quite like that last one, although a Hammer might be be more thematically appropriate.

  2. Good stuff. I've got to dig my books out...

  3. Damn it...now *I* have to get my books out too!! Thanks a lot, like I don't have enough to do without having to invent new magic items.

  4. @ Matthew,
    I like the armour the best.
    I agree that a hammer would be more thematically appropriate rather than a sword but,
    1) I wanted to stick to the dice rolls, and
    2) it is cool because it is not what would be thematically expected.

  5. Great idea. I like all of your results...and I agree with you on keeping the dice rolls (unless something truly unplayable resulted).

  6. I like magic items that have more than one property. Keeps people guessing. My favorite of this bunch was definitely the ring.

  7. I gather there is some cleansing taking place.

  8. Yeah, I decided that I wanted a little less of my personal info on the blog.

  9. After the latest excitement, and your recent life changes, not a bad idea.


  10. I am so going to drop that ring somewhere.