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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taking Old School to the Calgary D&D Meetup Group

I have been to the Calgary D&D Meetup Group maybe ten times. I always had a good time even though most of the participants are interested in 3rd edition. I played and ran some 4th edition games and always found everyone to be very polite.

I have tried a couple of times to start an old school game at the meetups but to to start a game you must:
1. Consult with the Organizer who retains the right to approve or deny any requests;
2. Post the game on the message board to try to drum up interest; and
3. Receive feedback of interest from enough people to fill the table.

My experience has been that the Organizer is more than happy to have someone propose an old school game. However, I have never received the required interest to get a game started. Which led me to try Red Box Calgary. However, I still have a desire to try to get an old school game at the meetup. I would love to try to expose that group to the benefits of old school play.

So I have decided to try some undercover recruiting. If you are in the Calgary area and would be interested in playing in an old school game (B/X, OD&D, 1E - likely by way of LL and the AEC, etc) at the Calgary D&D Meetups, please get in touch with me - either in the comments below or through my email address on the side.

If I can get enough interest outside the meetup group, we will then have everyone join the group. I will then propose a new old school game to the organizer when I know I have enough interest "in the bag" so to speak.


  1. I've had very good luck with organizing game nights with Facebook.

    Being able to find out which friends-of-friends are into games is very helpful.

  2. Thanks Stuart,
    I have lots of gaming opportunities. In fact I am finding myself in the position of having to cut back on my gaming.

    Getting a old school game at the meetup has become my white whale.

  3. I'm all for a old-school game at the meetup. They have something like 390 members signed up. They have less than 50 show up for your average meetup. There's bound to be more people in the group who are interested.

    I will certainly promote it on my blog as well.

    How many seats do we need to fill to get a table? 6?

  4. I'm am a member of the Calgary D&D meetup group and used to go consistently for 2 years, up to a year ago. I was a 3r generation player and have not had the opportunity to play 4g yet.

    I'd enjoy an old school D&D game and would easily commit to a campaign with the club again to participate. I could probably only attend every second weekend though.

    I believe my id with the club is "TimidElfWarrior" with a pic of Drizzt.

    You guys can contact me at Deryl_Coe@Shaw.ca.