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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Help with Gametable

So Meepo, JB and myself spent about an hour trying to get Gametable to work. By the sounds of it we aren't in the running for any NASA jobs and we failed miserably in our efforts. The problem was that we continuously failed to connect when we tried to join a session set up by one of us as the host. I know that the firewall was turned off so that wasn't the issue. Any suggestions or alternatives? All I am looking for is a very simple shared whiteboard and dice roller. It also has to be so simple to install and use that the likes of Meepo, JB and myself can use ;)

Edit: Also, we are all using Macs.

Edit #2: Thanks to some great work by Mike D. we got it working. Thanks everyone!


  1. Macs...jeez, how elitist can we get?

    "Yeah, I don't play 4E and I don't use a PC."
    ; )

  2. And it has to run under Windows 2000.

    Not tough at all. :(

  3. "Yeah, I don't play 4E and I don't use a PC."

    That is good because you couldn't use the DDI with a Mac ;)

  4. Am I the only "normal" one running XP? :) Leave it to the guy from Georgia to be the blue collar of the computing circle here.

  5. Do any of you use a router? If so you need to do port-forwarding too.

  6. Umm... okay. What is port forwarding?

  7. Look it up for full details. In brief, what happens on your side of the router is you have your own network address system. On the internet side of the router is a different network address system. In order to connect directly through the router you need to tell the router where to send specific data packets - so information coming to port X must be sent to computer Y.

  8. Mike seems to have it working. Thanks everyone.