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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is there any interest in a Skype game?

My gaming schedule has slowed to a crawl the last few weeks. After asking for some feedback about online gaming, I am tempted to try out a skype game.

If anyone is interested in a short, not very ambitious skype game feel free to email me at p_armstrong[at]email[dot]com.

Selfishly, the goal would be for me to try to run a short B/X adventure online using the very simple Gametable whiteboard mainly for the dice rolling. If it worked well it could potentially evolve into something larger.

Tentatively I would schedule it for 8:00pm Mountain time on Saturday, July 25th.


  1. I am registering with a tentative: Yes.
    --I have just installed Skype, but have no mic or phones as of yet.

  2. Email on its way, definitely interested.

  3. Sadly that overlaps my own Skype game which is really rolling along now. Good luck, though! If you start running more long term and change the time, be sure to post it!

  4. E-mail sent! Would love to join up!

  5. I'd love to join ya, but not sure if that night is open. Sadly, I think it is not.

    I'll double check and hit ya up if I can make it.

    BTW, I played in one of JimLotFP's online LL sessions and it was a hoot! I blogged about it here
    , if you are interested. It was really a ton of fun. Thanks again, Jim!

  6. I, too, would love to join but I'm not sure I'll have 7/25 available. Please post when your roster is full.

  7. I have my regular game Sunday afternoona so a game starting 6am local time might not work so well for me.

    If the game was at a time with no conflicts, I'd be willing.

  8. Sounds interesting, but I will be busy for a couple of weeks from the end of July. :(

    Otherwise I'd have loved to join.

  9. I'm downloading the software now. No way I can say for sure if I'm in or not as I'm moving to my new apartment the weekend before and I don't know how good my net service will be at the new joint.

  10. Hi, I'd be interested to join but need to know your your time in GMT format to see if I can. I'm at GMT-3.

  11. All right, I'm in...if there's still a space on your roster. And assuming I can get Skype to run on my Mac.
    : )

  12. Dyson, Gabriel, & JB,
    Please send me an email at p_armstrong[at]email[dot]com.
    I will send an email out to the group in a day or two.

  13. JB, I run Skype on my Mac. Works flawlessly.

  14. Mike, Meepo, Timeshadows and JB,
    I sent each of you an email regarding the game.
    For everyone else please still continue to indicate your interest just in case we need an alternate.

    Thanks everyone!