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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Tunnels & Trolls idea

A little out of left field...

I have read Barbarians of Lemuria a number of times over the past month. I may do a bit of a review here at some point.

This weekend I took my kids camping. I took along the 5.5E of Tunnels & Trolls and also the 6th edition. I have had a hankering for some T&T the last while.

Then I had a thought. One of the things I really like about Barbarians of Lemuria is its Traits (or Boons) and Flaws system. The core mechanic of BoL is 2d6 vs a target number. If you have a Boon that applies the roll becomes a 3d6 keep the high 2d6. For a Flaw you keep the low 2d6.

What if you took the same system and applied it to Tunnels & Trolls for Saving Rolls? For example, Ungar the Umbrageous, the level 1 rogue, has a Boon of "Sneaky". If Ungar had to make a saving roll for a situation where stealth was important he could roll 3d6 instead of 2d6 and keep whichever two dice he wanted - thus still being able to DARO (Doubles add and roll over).


  1. That, IMO, is a better solution than the one decided upon for 7th and 7.5, which I do not play.

    Further, I have used that in my Dead Air zombie game (unreleased) and used it successfully for three years of Play-by-Post.
    I have statistical data out to 10d6, using only Doubles for re-rolls, and if you would like that, or the Dead Air system, let me know and I'll e-mail it.

    Please let me know how that rule works for you. I'd like to hear others' experiences.

  2. Talents work just fine in my campaign, but that options sounds very neat. Maybe I'll try it out. I'd love to hear your playtest experiences.

  3. I'm not too sure I will get a chance to playtest it in the foreseeable future as it is pretty tough to find anyone around here that plays T&T :{

  4. I'm going to second that as superior to the existing talent system, especially for Roguery, at first blush.

    Another idea, and one that would scale if someone takes a talent twice, would to have it move you to 2d8 then 2d10 then 2d12 if you wanted to muddy up T&T with weird dice.

  5. Interesting suggestion.

    BTW if there's few T&T players around, how about a online game?

  6. Andreas,
    After I see how the skype B/X game goes this weekend, that could be a definite possibility.

  7. That's certainly an idea that would work well with Tunnels and Trolls. Now, if there was really going to be a chaotic 8th edition of T & T, I'd love to put in Foons and Flaws. Bwa ha ha! It's great. But I like Talents, too, and this is just a version of the Talent idea.