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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to have a good game

1. Don't be a dick


2. It is EVERYONE's responsibility to make the game fun for everyone (including yourself) around the table.

The first is common sense but is sometimes forgotten.
The second is a little trickier as it requires empathy and communication.

I can have fun playing Go Fish if I know that is what everyone wants to play and I enjoy the company.


  1. Pure wisdom!

    I quit my last reliable gaming group about 5 years ago because one player refused to obey rule #1...and openly admitted he didn't believe in rule #2.

  2. Rule #1's importance cannot be underestimated.

  3. It seems like over the years, everyone has acquired a story about a player that violated Rule #1. Is it possible that it is the same person, just migrating from gaming group to gaming group?

    Maybe "the Dick" is an evil spirit like the Wendigo or Twin Peaks' "Bob." It flits from town to town, inhabiting bodies of corrupt gamers and being passed along at game cons...