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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Newest Elevator Pitches

My current 2E AD&D - Rise of the Runelords campaign is going great and I am having a lot of fun. This is the first time I have run an adventure path. We are still in the first adventure module (which is quite good) so we are early enough in it that there have been no troubles with conversions or "railroady-ness" of running a 3.5 adventure path with 2nd edition.

However, as I think about RPGs nearly every day, I have some other campaign ideas rattling around in my head right now. The likelihood of any of these going anywhere may be small but hopefully not nil. I would also consider using skype + gametable for any of these.

In no particular order:

- A B/X game using one of Robert Conley's Points of Light settings. I would like to set it up like my old Northern Marches campaign and make it an open game.

- A game using my recent B/X S&S hacks set in the Evil DM's Erisia.

- A game using my recent B/X hacks set in a not strictly canon Hyborian Age.

- A game using my recent B/X S&S hacks plus the Mutants & Mazes section from Mutant Future with a setting using the Dark Sun map from the original DS box. And it would have Sorcerer Kings - I just love the name Sorcerer Kings.

- A Tunnels & Trolls game using Gamma Trollworld and a slightly modified Carcosa as the setting.

- A B/X game set in the Known World from the Cook Expert rulebook. Starting off with an expanded version of the Haunted Keep from the Moldvay Basic rulebook.

- A B/X - Al Qadim hack.

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  1. Being a fan of the B/X Known World setting from way back, I've started a campaign like the one you mention, but I began with B2 rather than the Haunted Keep. We begin X1 this weekend!