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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Northern Marches Reboot

I have been thinking about my old Northern Marches campaign a lot recently. I have really been enjoying my 2nd edition AD&D campaign but it is an adventure path and doesn't scratch my B/X or sandbox itch.

I have been doing some reconstruction on the Northern Marches. I have redone some maps, changed some of my setting notes and implemented some changes based on lessons learned (mostly regarding retainers and treasure levels).

I have mentioned it to my current group as an alternative for those times when we aren't able to get the whole group together and I will again begin recruiting by put up a flyer at the Sentry Box.

If you are in Calgary and want to take part, drop me a line at p_armstrong [at] email [dot] com.

You can also check out my cleaned up and rebooted campaign blog at http://northernmarches.blogspot.com/


  1. I just hopped over there and read the whole thing. Concise and very well put. I wish I could be involved! Seeing as how you swiped alot of it from other places, I may just need to do the same to you! I've been reading up on playing RPGs in Google Wave and your series of set-up posts may be a great way to set up a sandbox game using that medium. Nice work!

  2. How did the religion aspect work for your players before? The Church of the Great Dragon is interesting in a more gonzo/Jeff Rients game, but did your players roll with it?

    I like the idea of a faux medieval Catholic church with all the arms and factions, as well as pagan religions and outsider cults, but I'm not coming up with much to make it a little more serious than the Great Dragon, but not just a rip-off of Christianity.

  3. Honestly, in my B/X games religion just fades into the background. While I do not run a Rients-Gonzo game, I don't worry about making it more serious. Heck, until I started playing AD&D I never worried about developing religions at all.

    The Church of the Great Dragon fills two specific purposes. As a source for high level clerical magic (healing, remove curse, cure disease) for lawful characters. So, I need to know what level the clerics are and what they would want in return. Which is the second purpose - adventure hooks. In return for a Raise Dead spell, the cleric at the temple will want something from beyond the city walls.

    That's about it.

    If there is a player with a cleric that wants to know more, they can come up with it themselves.

    The town of New Hareth is specifically designed to provide all of the needed resources for exploring outside of the city walls while not providing any adventures in the town. So there are no political or religious intrigues in town.

    This is accomplished by:
    1. having a very harmonious urban environment where even the city guard and the head of the thieves guild are on relatively good terms. (I accomplish this by having the thieves guild only deal with minor smuggling and fencing - no assassinations, arsons, etc. It may be boring but it fills the need I have for it).
    2. only one source of political power (the baron) and no factions.
    3. very strict law enforcement
    4. all adventure hooks point out to the wilderness.

  4. I've sent you an email. Whee!