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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Tunnels & Trolls

I have often heard/read that if you haven't houseruled T&T you're not actually playing in the spirit of T&T.

As such, if I were to run a T&T campaign right now here are the rules I would use:

1. The base would be 5th edition (but I could easily be talked into 4th due to the lower numbers involved - I find it funny that T&T has some of the "bloat" and "inflation" that D&D players complain about).

2. Add Speed Attribute - useful for fleeing monsters, chase scenes, etc.

3. Wizards - do not get to use any combat adds from strength but could use any weapon. They would still use strength for their spells.

4. Kindreds - I would adopt the 6th edition mechanics for generating attributes so humans get 4d6 and drop lowest. Instead of using the Peters-McAllister chart with attribute multipliers for other kindreds, the number of dice rolled for each attribute changes. For example, the number of 6-sided dice rolled for a dwarf are: Strength 5, IQ 3, Luck 2+1, Constitution 5, Dexterity 3 Charisma 3, Speed 2+2.

5. Talents - All human characters begin play with one talent. The talent should be a word or short phrase that encapsulates an ability, skill or knowledge (or all three).As long as the player can make a logical, interesting or amusing connection between his character’s talent and the task currently being attempted, add + 5 to the relevant Saving Roll (effectively reducing the difficulty level by 1).

6. Combat - I would use Special Damage such as Spite Damage and other monster abilities triggered by rolling 6's.

6a. Combat - I would use the base assumption that the losing side of a round of combat would split the damage taken evenly but I would also allow a SR to try to either protect a party member and therefore take their damage on yourself or to try to force your damage onto another party member (with or without their consent).


  1. #1,#2,#3 I agree. 4th edition(linked from your site IIRC) seemed a nice version.
    #4 I like that idea. Please post your chart if/when you make it.
    #5 Nice idea, especially allowing an amusing connection to suffice.
    #6 Made me LOL (with or without their consent). Would each player get an SR? e.g. My warrior tries to take your attack. I fail, does your Wizard get an SR to send it my way as well?

  2. Would each player get an SR? e.g. My warrior tries to take your attack. I fail, does your Wizard get an SR to send it my way as well?

    I would just allow one check.

  3. I've never even opened a T&T book, but methinks I'm gonna have to break down one day soon and check the system out.

  4. Come on Benedicto! You know you want to! :D

    Cool mix of house rules. The Kindred mods was a new take that I haven't heard of before. Interesting.