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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Basic D&D Cover to Cover - Table of Contents & B1

My thoughts while reading the Table of Contents:
  • The ToC appears to be very fulsome. There are 127 items listed in the ToC for a 64 page rulebook.
  • The optional items are listed as such.
  • Off the top of my head, there is nothing that I would expect to be in the ToC that appears to be missing.
My thoughts on reading page B1:
  • I really like the artwork by Bill Willingham. I have always though of it as a dwarf and a red dragon fighting a female elf, a fighter and a magic-user. Some people may feel it is too cartoon-y but I like it. 
  • The dragon and dwarf won initiative and the elf made a saving throw. We are now at the Magic stage of the combat sequence for the side that lost initiative and the magic-user is casting a spell (but the fighter missed the Missile stage, oops). Next up will be the elf's melee attack.
  • I always allow my players to describe what their magic missile spell looks like so I assume that this magic-user is casting that spell.
  • I like that the armour, helmets, etc are portrayed as simple and functional. The dwarf and fighter are muscular but their equipment is simple and practical.
  • The magic-user looks like a magic-user - star and moon covered robe, pointy hat, and wizened beard.
  • I think Willingham's signature is cool. 
  • Another example of the legalese on this page - more copyrights and trademarks. The C&D letters are already drafted.
  • Reference to the Holmes Basic edition is nice. Not withstanding what Holmes and Moldvay said about each others' Basic rules in Dragon Magazine.
  • A sign of D&D's popularity at that time that it was distributed by Random House?
Next: Forward, Acknowledgements and Introduction

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  1. I liked Holmes' comments; it's nice to hear the perspective of someone in that era reflect on (however briefly) things that could be better, different, or otherwise. He seems a little more "fun" oriented (spellbooks are a hassle, infravision is magic, any race is OK to play).