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Monday, February 25, 2013

My Underground Con proposal

The call for GM's has gone out for Underground Con. After some thought I decided to straight-up steal two ideas from Delta's D&D Hotspot. The games I have volunteered to DM are:

1. Corsairs of the Realm
The King of the Realm has quietly declared hostilities on the allied free cities of Greyhawk and Hardby, signing Letters of Course authorizing privateers to hunt and capture their shipping. The hostilities only last for a single sailing season; 16 weeks. If you set forth and capture three merchant vessels for the King of the Realm over the course of a 16-week sailing season, you will be proclaimed Barons of the Realm. However, the seas are dangerous as you must not only watch out for vessels from Greyhawk and Hardby patrolling the seas but also the legendary Kraken is rumoured to haunt the deeps…

A naval game using the 1981 Basic and Expert Dungeons & Dragons rules. It will involve three levels of action: (1) the strategic campaign level (which coast to prowl), (2) the tactical ship-to-ship level, and (3) the man-to-man combat level. Note that the names of Greyhawk and Hardby are just used for fun and do not represent the same cities portrayed in the Greyhawk Campaign Setting. 

2. The Northern Marches
The King of the Realm has declared that anyone who explores the Northern Marches and returns to the town of New Hareth with enough treasure to construct a keep (100,000 gp) to protect its inhabitants will be proclaimed new Barons of the Realm. Beware, winter is coming. Can you survive the harsh, monster haunted northern wilderlands and return to New Hareth with the treasure before winter comes?

An exploration focused old-school hex crawl using the 1981 Basic and Expert Dungeons & Dragons rules.

If one of those doesn't garner interest, I am considering swapping it out with a Battlestar Galactic game using a hack of The Mountain Witch - getting my new-school on.


  1. I don't know how well a hex crawl will do as a con game. And is 100,000 gp a realistic goal in so short a time?

  2. Check out Delta's play report from Helgacon at:

    100,000 gp is only the mcguffin and it is only 2 type H treasures. The party will be somewhere around level 6-8.