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Friday, February 22, 2013

Pit of Tortured Souls - Factions

I have been rereading my posts and notes regarding the Pit of Tortured Souls and thinking about next steps. It has piqued my interest again and I will likely do some more work on it.

Looking at the list of special monsters that I was planning on using got me thinking about what their relationships would be like. I think these will allow PCs to interact with various groups in different ways.


  • View themselves as the Ghoul-Queen's favorites
  • Look down upon the lowly kobolds and bestial gnolls
  • Are Sidra's hand in the wider world
  • Hate all men
  • Would love to throw off the yoke of their Gnoll overseers but know they can't stand up to one tribe of them much less two
  • Like to dominate the gnorlock slaves who are likely the only inhabitants of the Pit more lowly than themselves
  • Two tribes competing for the Ghoul-Queen's favour
  • Each wants to claim the Pit as their own territory and eliminate the other tribe
  • Pick on the weaker kobolds
  • Subjugated by the gnolls and kobolds
  • Some have escaped the slave pens and are hiding deeper in the mines. They secretly continue to contact those that are still slaves and encourage them to rise up in a likely ill-advised rebellion
  • Some that have escaped have ventured into the Cyst of the Slimes and have been charmed by the Great Grey Ooze
  • Some of the other escapees may be influenced by some of the grey ooze charmed gnorlocks
  • The gnorlocks in the mine ostracize and torment the few hobgoblin slaves
  • Eat Slug People
Slug People
  • Want to be rid of the mothmen and live in peace
  • Pathetic creatures that lurk in the shadows trying to avoid the Fleshshifters
  • Alien creatures that serve the Ghoul-Queen for some unknown reason and try to find subjects of all species for their vile experiments
Fire Salamanders
  • Hang out
Great Grey Ooze
  • Who can tell the mind of an ooze?


  1. Well, if The Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, I figure-

    "The Stain knows the mind of an Ooze!"

  2. Excellent! I'm big fan of the Pit.