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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

B/X Sword, Science & Sorcery Class: Synthetic

Modified from Goblinoid Game's Mutant Future. Completely unbalanced and not playtested!


Synthetics are highly advanced humanoids that are engineered and grown synthetically in vats. They have something resembling a vascular system that circulates a milky white fluid. From the outside they are completely indistinguishable from normal humans, and their true nature may only be revealed through advanced sensors. Injury will also reveal them for what they are. They will appear to be warm, living beings if observed with thermal vision. Synthetics have a polymer skeleton, with synthetic muscles. They are equipped with a power generation system that mimics biological digestion, allowing them to eat in order to maintain their power supplies. However, they do not heal and must be repaired. Synthetics do not have a prime requisite as they do not gain XP.

RESTRICTIONS: Synthetics begin with 4d6 +/- 1d6 per Constitution bonus or penalty (for example, a synthetic with a constitution of 16 (a +2 bonus) would begin with 4d6 + 2d6 = 6d6 hit points). Synthetics do not advance in level, therefore they do not gain additional hit points beyond what they begin with. Synthetics may use any type of armour and may use shields. They may use any type of melee or missile weapon. A synthetic character does not have any minimum ability requirements.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: For melee attacks, synthetics attack as a cleric of a level equal to the average of their Strength, Dexterity and Constitution ability scores divided by 2. The strength bonus/penalty for to-hit rolls does not impact their attack rolls but they do get the damage bonus/penalty. For missile attacks, they attack as a cleric of a level equal to the average of their Intelligence, Dexterity and Wisdom ability scores divided by 2. Their dexterity bonus or penalty for missile attacks does not impact their missile attack rolls.
Synthetics are not affected by sleep or charm spells nor any form of mind reading.

SAVING THROWS: as clerics.




  1. Cool. An overlooked genre staple.

  2. I just added synthetic men as a playable race in my B/X game myself last month. No takers so far.