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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Quick Thought About Skype Gaming and T&T

I am starting to think that Tunnels & Trolls would be a great system for a game using skype.

It may just be a byproduct of the lack of physical cues when gaming over skype but I am finding the D&D individual attack rolls and the narrative that goes along with them to be disjointed. T&T's pooled combat rolls and single resulting narrative would likely "flow" better. I also think that the craziness that is possible using saving rolls would be great fun and keep the action moving.


  1. Doh! And there does our B/X game!
    ; )

  2. I see the logic of it. I feel the sudden urge to try out Tunnels & Trolls & Skype. I accuse you of inciting Gamer ADD in others!

  3. I accuse you of inciting Gamer ADD in others!
    I am a plague!

  4. You know I was thinking about T&T when you were talking about how you didn't want to get too detailed tactically during the big fight on Saturday.

    So, now you gonna run 2 BX games and a T&T game?

  5. Interesting solution! More T&T must be a good thing! Which timezone did you live in again? Now when I have moved to Europe it's probably a an inconvenient one. :(

  6. No, just the B/X game for now. And I view it as just one B/X game. Whoever participates it is all the same B/X game to me.

    This post is really just a passing thought I had. I will get a T&T game going at some point though.