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Friday, August 14, 2009

It is a beautiful book

Over the past few months I sold most of my 3.5 rulebooks. They have now been replaced by this beauty. I currently don't have much interest in running it but it you never know. And have I mentioned it is a beautiful book?


  1. Oh, I know. I will be buying it. It looks great, I will run it. Don't tell anyone.

  2. lol

    The LGS postal scale weighs it in at 4# 3oz.
    --I flipped through the Prestige Classes to see what had changed from Beta, when I gave up on it. I'm glad the colour art for the Prestige Classes is nicer than I expected.

    One of my players is threatening to run a campaign, and I may play.

    I'm still waiting to ogle Fantasy Craft. :D

  3. It's getting tough trying to keep up with all these games and editions of games and suppliments of games and spin off of games coming out. Pathfinder does look interesting though, but so does Hackmaster and Castle & Crusades, Swords & Wizardry and so on. I wonder if there is a government grant we can get to play RPGs?

  4. An RPG stimulation package... I like it!

  5. But then I see that Paizo will have a subscription service for special content. That to me is fairly lame. In this economy offering a premium service for a roleplaying game is ridiculous.

    I will still probably buy the book, but I don't think that a subscription is necessary.

  6. The majority of the business model is based on subscription content - adventure paths, setting material, planet stories. It doesn't surprise me that they have a subscription for their game content as well.

    That being said I don't intent to subscribe for the rules content and I may or may not pick up the bestiary.

  7. I am a total victim of bestiaries. If I pick up the core the bestiary is a done deal. I will be absolutely helpless.