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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Gaming Status Report

My current gaming status is:
1. DMing the Skype/Gametable B/X game.
2. DMing 4E at a local meetup two saturdays each month.
3. Reading gaming books.

I am surprised how much I am enjoying the skype game. It helps having such great players. When I play a face-to-face game I use a whiteboard and Gametable has served admirably in that capacity and as a dice roller. It makes communicating spacial situations a lot easier. It makes me think that I should get ahold of the old gaming crew and try to set up a game.

I am still not too sure about 4E but I remain open minded. The one thing that 4E does for me is give me the opportunity for a casual face-to-face game. With the Northern Marches on hiatus (we'll see if I can resurrect it) this has been the only opportunity to sit down and play.

This has left way too much time for me to read new and old gaming books and get new ideas. These new ideas have really fed my gaming ADD.

What I need is to get back to gaming again. When Northern Marches was going at full steam I didn't have these problems.


  1. Regarding “gamer’s ADD:” I understand what you’re talking about. It’s a famine or feast thing. Either I have too many games I’m juggling (rarely the case these days) or far fewer than I’d like. When the games are few and far between, I start reading/daydreaming of gaming (sad, sad, I know) which leads me to the trough of game books and ideas…however, since I usually generate more ideas during these “game famine” times then I’ll probably ever have the opportunity to use…well, it could be time better spent, IMO.

    I suggest action as the cure for the ADD…you need to get more games going. Or if that doesn’t fly with your regular home life, you need another hobby (perhaps rock-climbing?). But it may just be that only gaming every other week ain’t enough to keep your imagination occupied.

    I suppose the constructive, disciplined person would use this downtime to create material for a rainy day when the inspiration well was running dry. However, the urge to use ideas RIGHT NOW can be over-whelming, I realize. I just finished another Elizabeth Boyer book and I would SO like to run a Viking-type B/X game…but I’M still getting my newbie B/X players to walk before they can run. Patience, man, patience.

    Maybe you need to find a game to run in as a player, not just as a DM.

    P.S. I love the new title illo for your blog!