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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things I find interesting today

1. So, I rested for a while and then I read Grognardia's latest Dwimmermount post. The masochistic urgings have passed and I now want to run an OD&D, S&W: white box or B/X campaign centered on a megadungeon. Gamer ADD what?

2. Did TARGA do anything for Gencon?

3. As EVERYONE knows by now, Dark Sun is the next setting for 4E. I like Dark Sun and I am still experimenting with 4E so I find this interesting/encouraging. Especially given the fact that WotC says that they are going to keep to the first boxed set.

4. Quite a while ago, Scott removed his World of Thool blog but his Thool wiki is still up. I was reading through it again. It is really great. If you like Scott's Thool stuff, I also encourage you to check out Savage Swords of Athanor.

5. Back when I started the Northern Marches campaign (which has been on hiatus since the beginning of summer) I put up some postings at a couple of gaming stores. Along the bottom were a dozen pulltabs with my email address. I have been around and replaced three of these postings as all of the tabs were gone. So there are at least 36 people that were interested enough to take a tab. Unfortunately, only a couple have actually joined us for a game.


  1. From 4e to 0D&D megadungeon?

    Dude - textbook Gamer ADD.

  2. You had better get all of Scott's gaming stuff stored away on a drive...
    --He has apparently nixed all of his paper notes and is dropping gaming entirely.

  3. Hey, how about a 4E megadungeon? :)

  4. What I really want to do is get the Northern Marches up and running again but we will see.

  5. @Timeshadows, do you know why Scott decided to drop gaming? Or better yet, why he felt it necessary to nuke his blogs? I'm infinitely curious because it was all great material. Just didn't understand why.