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Sunday, February 22, 2009

B. Decide on a Setting Continued

I have sketched a cross section for the PoTS.

This has also given me a good start to the next section which involves selecting specific monsters which will be the next post.

APPENDED: I wanted to comment a bit on the cross section but it is my little girl's 6th birthday and it has been tough to concentrate on stuff with a bunch of 5 and 6 year-olds running around.

I wanted to make sure the Pit had a couple of different entrances and a couple of different routes to get to Sidra's lair.
Stealing a bit from Section C. Choose Special Monsters, one of the things I thought about was what creatures would be found in the PoTS and give the significant ones their own area. But I also wanted to mix in some strange areas that aren't really part of Sidra's minions.

1A. The Citadel of the Amazons - Home to ferocious but comely female warriors that serve Sidra. They are the servants of the ghoul-queen that the most active in the wider world making raids, mainly looking for males to sacrifice.

1B. Kobold Warrens - Since the origin of Gnolls is part of the background of the PoTS, we need the small dog-men as well. The kobolds are bullied by their larger cousins and in turn bully the gnome-slaves. They guard the entrance to the mines.

2A. The Foul Fortress - Home to two Gnoll tribes that compete for Sidra's favour.

2B. Gnorlock Mines - The mines where the Gnorlocks toil. They are the remnants of the debased gnome slaves taken by Sidra in eons past. Some Gnorlocks have escaped into the tunnels and guard against the kobolds and gnolls that watch over the mines as well as the other denizens of the dark. There are also a few hobgoblin slaves - gotta have the thouls come from somewhere.

2C. The Fungal Forests of the Slug People - An area that was found during the digging of the mines. This is the home of the slug people that have been trying to defend their fungal home against their enemies the mothmen.

3A. Halls of the Flesh Eaters - Home to other creatures created by Sidra's depraved experimentations. Ghouls, Trolls and Thouls roam here as well as other even more foul creatures.

3B. Crystal Caves of the Mothmen - A great cavern that is the home of the mothmen - large moth-like creatures that are attracted to light. Their gossamer wings reflect torch or lantern light and their fluttering can cause confusion as the spell. Mothmen eat fungus and use the mines to invade the Fungal Forests.

4A. Realm of the Discarded - Where Sidra's Fleshshifters continue her foul experiments in the numerous breeding pits and where those considered "failures" lurk in the dark corners.

4B. Cyst of the Slimes - Home of a huge sentient Grey Ooze. It has the ability to cast charm monster and has enslaved some escaped Gnorlocks. Also, anyone killed by the Ooze is animated as an Ooze Zombie.

5. Lair of the Ghoul Queen - Sidra's domain where she is served by her hags and golems.

6. Fire Pits - magma pools... gotta have magma pools.

The next thing is to flesh out the list of specific monsters...


  1. Sweet set-up! Are the slug people inspired by that one Superfriends episode, by any chance?

  2. The inspiration for the Fungal Forest of the Slug People is actually Hodgson's weed men and Noism's posts on his Monsters and Manuals blog back in January about his various mollusk races. And I thought it sounded cool.