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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get in the game

One of the things that I am hoping to do is to follow the lead of many in the Traditional RGP Blogging scene and set up an ongoing open game at a local gaming store. I am hoping to get this off the ground shortly after Cal-Con. A couple of reasons why I want to run a couple of B/X sessions at the convention is to see if there is any interest in B/X (or other traditional RPGs) at all from other people and, if so, to meet them and try to form a bit of a network to spread the word for an open game.

I also have to meet some of the people that work at the local gaming stores. One of the things about my old investment banking job was that the long hours kept most of my RPG shopping to the online-variety (mostly ebay and paizo) so most of my books were purchased without going to Sentry Box or Myth Games in Calgary. That is something I have to rectify. Of course, now that I have all the books I need or likely want and with my reduced income, I am not an ideal customer.

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