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Monday, February 23, 2009

Fallen Empire of Tyros - Actual Play

I am running a C&C campaign set in the World of Broadsword. It is a sandbox game and I have been using a bunch of published modules that I have been customizing to fill out the adventures. For that campaign I have set up a private blog to pass along various pieces of information, track XP, etc. The reason it is private is that I put some information about the campaign world on it and since it is not my IP I wanted to keep it just to my group.

I decided to repost a my play reports here though because I love reading about other peoples game sessions. As I have previously mentioned (and you have likely noticed), I am a terrible writer. These play reports are not a blow-by-blow story of what happened. Instead they are a very brief recap of what happened.

Here are the initial hooks I provided to see which direction the players wanted to go with:

- Portown is a small but bustling town with a harbor that sees manymerchant ships and more than a few pirates. For some reason Portown has also always attracted adventurers. A century ago, the sorcerer, Zenopus, built a tower on the low hills overlooking the town. It now lies in ruins and rumor has it it was built in close proximity to the foundations of an older, pre-human city.

- The village of Fairhill has been having trouble with goblins. Recently the goblins attacked the village and the new cathedral was sacked and the grave of the former priest was dug up and his bones taken.

- The small town of Wolverton has always been made up of tough, independent citizens that have always had to rely on themselves to solve the town's problems. Meanwhile, the uncaring lumber barons squeeze the common folk for every last copper, deaf to their pleas. Now the hacking coughs of the sick are heard throughout the town. A plague has come to Wolverton and the town's leaders can't be bothered to stop it.

- Skelg, a Norsca warrior now living in Emesa is suffering from a terrible freezing curse. Can you discover the cause of the curse and find a way to save the old barbarian?

- “I’ve word that the accursed Tyrosian pirate Darsielle Du Moire’s has anchored his much sought ship, the Hydra’s Fang, in the harbor. Everyone’s looking for that vermin. He carries with him some ancient tablets of extreme historical value. Unknown to most, Wittlestone, the small town Du Moire razed to the ground, was also home to Myraxus Threeshadows, a noted but aging sage and mystic. Among Myraxus’s possessions he kept ancient forgeries of several tablets used in ancient arcane rites. When Darsielle destroyed the village, he slew the wizard and took the tablets, hoping to pawn them to one of his
buyers here in Portown. The tablets are a priceless archeological treasure, one I greatly desire. In fact, just prior to Myraxus's
death, I placed several bids to purchase the tablets and so naturally I was one of the first to realize they’d gone missing. You must race to get Du Moire and recover the stolen tablets before his pursuers find him or he flees port."

- Khemir, a noble in the southern city of Padjistan is looking to hire someone to investigate the cause of the mysterious murders plaguing the town.

- The curator of the museum in Emesa is looking to hire a brave group of adventurers to find a elderly employee who has gone missing with a book that belongs to the library.

- Prospectors in the Highwall Mountains tell of a ruined monastery in the mountains that has been defiled and tainted by chaos.

- Merchants are always looking for sturdy and brave adventurers to guard the desert caravans.

- The Southern Sea is dangerous - pirates and enormous sea monsters prey on ships traveling on the sea. Honest merchants and not so honest privateers are always looking for brave men to man the ships.

- You overheard a young man telling of an abandoned silver mine northwest of the small town of Silverton that he believes is being used as a base by bandits who have been attacking the caravans traveling south.

I was very happy when they decided to investigate the tower of Zenopus.

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